iMotion Germany GmbH

iMotion Germany GmbH is a research division of iMotion Automotive Technology Co. Ltd. An outstanding group of talented and highly motivated researchers are covering unrevealed till now aspects of autonomous driving by simulating rare and very unique scenarios with the overall goal of reaching L4/L5 levels of AD.

iMotion Germany GmbH offers a unique opportunity for outstanding students to pursue a PhD degree in the field of Computer Science by applying an obtained set of knowledge to the AD challenges.

Research conducted by iMotion Germany covers the following topics: Low-Level Sensor Fusion, V2X Communication, Data Synthesis, optimization of Neural Networks, Functional Safety.

iMotion Germany GmbH
Semperstraße 24,
66123 Saarbrücken
Trade register HRB 104919
Tax number: 040/111/60927
VAT ID: DE319982483
CEO: Dr. Christian Müller

Contacts:CEO Dr. Christian Müller <>

Address:Semperstraße 24, 66123 Saarbrücken,Germany